Decide what to eat

Empower your family or friends with the meal time consensus app of the future. The mobile app allows you to decide what to eat with your whole family getting a voice.

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Add your favorite home cooked meals. It's as easy as a name and a photo.


Search local restaurants or add your own if they aren't searchable.

Dining out

Figure out where you and a group decide to take that team lunch.

Real-time results

Set up a poll and watch the results happen in front of your eyes. The tools you need to make a decision are in the palms of your hands.

Tired of hearing them say they don't care what they eat only to have them change their mind 5 minutes later? Mealection to the rescue.

Enterprise ready

Organize your meal schedule on a per team basis. Everybody wins. Plan it ahead and reduce the costs of teams going out to eat when they could be more productive at the office.


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I used to spend a half hour a day tracking everyone down and asking what they want to eat. "Note sure", "whatever", and more were the common responses until the food was ready. Now, I give them options, they vote, and I spend less time hearing "hmmmm".

Renée Őrségi-Zölderdő

Father, family of 5


I'm a member of a foodie meetup group. We go out every other thursday to a new restaurant. I was sick to death of using group texts to solve the decision making process. The host just adds restaurants and we swipe. Problem solved.

Ryan Árnadóttir

Self professed Foodie


Part of my job is to make sure we have the in-office meals taken care of. A Google Calendar and Google Sheets list were how we used to track ordering and dietary restrictions. Having a curated tool that simplifies the process has allowed me to concentrate on the other parts of my job more.

Ragnar Kjartansdóttir

Office Administrator

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